Our Occupational Health, Safety, Security & Environment (OHSSE) Policy involves every employee of the BOST family. Management over the years has elevated the OHSSE function with increased awareness of safety and security throughout the company.  Our day-to-day activities at BOST are governed by a core value that all employees must work in a safe, secured and environmentally responsible manner.  We also require all suppliers and contractors adhere to the same OHSSE principles.

BOST owns, manages and maintains a network of petroleum storage depots. Each petroleum depot has an OHSSE Coordinator who is the focal person for ensuring adherence to our OHSSE values.

It is the commitment of the Board and Management that sufficient resources and support are provided to ensure that:

  • All employees and contractors should have sufficient knowledge, instruction, training and supervision to pursue their work.
  • We develop proactive measures and targets for continuous improvement of our safety, security and environmental standards at all BOST sites.
  • We store, transport and handle hazardous substances in a safe and environmentally friendly manner to protect all employees, contractors, and the general public.
  • We establish appropriate emergency response plans and procedures in response to potential emergencies e.g. fires, explosions, accidents, etc.
  • We reduce waste to a minimum requirement and prevent pollution of the environment.
  • We carry regular risk assessments of our OHSSE principles so as to be up to international standards.
  • We commit ourselves to a continuous improvement program in our OHSSE management systems.

The above OHSSE policy statement shall be reviewed annually to ensure complete alignment with our ultimate OHSSE objective of “Zero is Possible”