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Selection of Haulage Contractors

The Bulk Oil Storage and Trans...

BOST Criteria for the Selection of Haulage Contractors

  1. The transporter must submit a comprehensive company profile.
  2. The transporter must submit Business Registration Certificate, Valid Social Security Clearance Certificate, Valid Tax Clearance Certificate and Current Audited Accounts.
  3. The transporter must possess valid license and sticker issued by the national petroleum authority (NPA) to carry petroleum products by BRVs.
  4. The transporter must provide proof of ownership of garage. The garage must have a good and secured parking space. The garage must pass the standard safety and operational checks as pertained in the petrochemical industry.
  5. Transporter must have a minimum of ten (10) dedicated BRVs with evidence of maintenance schedule for each of the truck submitted. Transporter must submit all DVLA registration documents (forms A & C) covering the Bulk Road Vehicles (BRV) to be used in the haulage program and must show proof of ownership and age in accordance to this criterion.
  6. The capacity of each BRV must not be less than 45,000 litres and not more than 54,000 litres. The number of compartments on each BRV must not be less than four (4). Each compartment should not be more than 13,500 litres and its manhole/hatch is to be located in the middle/center of the compartment for easy viewing of both sides of the compartment when empty. Where both sides of the compartment cannot be viewed clearly, the BRV will be rejected.
  7. The diameter of each discharge pipe of the BRV should not be less than three (3) inches.
  8. The dedicated BRVs must pass both BOST Operational Safety Standards and the inspection conducted by BOST approved licensed inspection centers. The garage and BRVs will be subject to quarterly inspection by BOST (BRV Inspection Team).
  9. The dedicated BRVs shall be branded in BOST colors and must have tracking devices and volumetric sensors mounted on them.
  10. The transporter must provide proof of a minimum of three years’ experience in the transport/haulage business.
  11. Transporter must provide proof of training of their drivers by Road Safety Limited (RSL) licensed training centers.
  12. Transporter must provide proof of “goods in transit” insurance (COMPREHENSIVE) assigned to BOST for the products to be carried during the contract period.
  13. Transporter will be required to pay a non-refundable annual registration fee of GH₵ 2,000.00 in cash for each BRV, for a minimum of 10 BRVs, to BOST for the transportation of products.

NOTE: Admission or selection of transporters to operate within the BOST system remains the sole reserve of BOST.
Thank You.

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